WRTC USA: USA Leaders Still K5ZD, W9RE, N2IC, K7RL; Big Battle Remains For Other Russia 2010 Qualifying Slots

Adding in new numbers from the 2008 WAE CW contest, the four US leaders in qualifying for the 2010 World Radiosport Team Championships remain the same, as K5ZD, W9RE, N2IC and K7RL still lead their respective regions.

In the largest WRTC regional, NA #1, Randy Thompson K5ZD saw his lead go down slightly, as John Crovelli W2GD moved into second place, 41 points ahead of Andy Blank N2NT, who is now in third.

Three qualifying slots are available from this region, with at this point, maybe only K5ZD on course to qualify.

Others with a chance still to catch W2GD and N2NT are Krassy Petkov K1LZ and Jeff Briggs K1ZM, as the 2009 Russian DX Contest seems likely to determine which three operators qualify from this regional.

Here are the top five as of January 2009:

NA #1 includes W1, W2, W3 and part of W4.

  • K5ZD 6,339 – (8 scores)
  • W2GD 5,881 – (8 scores)
  • N2NT 5,840 – (8 scores)
  • NN3W 5,659 – (8 scores)
  • K1LZ 5,637 – (8 scores)

Check out the radio-sport.net results spreadsheet for NA #1

After months of being the clear leader in NA #2, Mike Wetzel W9RE now has someone within striking distance of his top spot in this region.

The pursuer is Scott Robbins W4PA, who won 730 WRTC points with the top score from NA #2 in WAE CW, leaving him 678 points behind.

Robbins, who announced late in 2008 that he was giving up contesting for now, leads K9NW by 341 points in the battle for two team leader positions.

Like many qualifying regions, the second place spot here could come down to the 2009 Russian DX Contest to determine the final winners. It is unclear as of now if that will lure Robbins back to the HF bands or not.

Here are the top five ops from NA #2: NA #2 has some of W4 along with W8 and W9.

  • W9RE 6,360 – (8 scores)
  • W4PA 5,682 – (8 scores)
  • K9NW 5,341 – (8 scores)
  • WB9Z 5,270 – (8 scores)
  • W8CAR 4,578 – (8 scores)

Check out the full results spreadsheet for NA #2

In NA #3, the results of the 2008 WAE CW contest made no difference in the top two positions, as Steve London N2IC continues to enjoy a strong lead over Richard King K5NA.

But further down the ladder is where some noise is being made.

Alex Tkatch KU1CW used a 524 point showing in WAE CW to move into fourth place, while Kevin Stockton N5DX jumped from 8th to 5th with his regional WAE CW victory, giving him another 730 WRTC points.

Stockton could go even higher once results are out from the 2008 IARU as well, giving him a very good shot to overtake King K5NA.

Jim George N3BB remains in third place as his WAE CW finish did not change his WRTC score.

K5NA, N3BB, KU1CW and N5DX seem likely to face off in the Russian DX Contest for the second of two team leader slots available in this region for the 2010 WRTC.

Here are the top five in NA #3:

NA #3 is W5 and W0.

  • N2IC 6,626 – (8 scores)
  • K5NA 5,840 – (8 scores)
  • N3BB 5,334 – (8 scores)
  • KU1CW 5,167 – (8 scores)
  • N5DX 4,928 – (8 scores)

Check the radio-sport.net results spreadsheet for NA #3

While the WAE CW results changed some of the US standings in other regions, it didn’t make any difference at all in the West Coast NA #4.

Mitch Mason K7RL remains the overall leader, 186 points ahead of Bob Wolbert K6XX in the battle for two team leader slots.

Right behind Wolbert though is Dan Craig N6MJ, who trails K6XX by only four points.

If Craig can repeat his 2008 Russian DX performance where he notched the full 910 points from NA #4, that could well vault him into overall lead in this qualifying section.

Here are the top five in NA #4, which comprises W6, W7 and KL7.

  • K7RL 6,141 – (8 scores)
  • K6XX 5,955 – (8 scores)
  • N6MJ 5,951 – (8 scores)
  • K6LA 5,288 – (8 scores)
  • K6AM 4,919 – (8 scores)

Review the radio-sport.net results spreadsheet for NA #4

There is only one qualifying event remaining for the 2010 WRTC, that being the 2009 Russian DX Contest.

The standings though could still change a lot, as a number of contest results from 2008 still must come in.

Those include the WPX CW, IARU, WAE SSB and both legs of the 2008 November Sweepstakes and CQ WW DX Contests.

The unofficial results produced here by radio-sport.net include the final published results of the 2006 and 2007 IARU, the 2006 and 2007 WAE CW and WAE SSB, 2006 and 2007 CQ WW CW and SSB contests, 2007 and 2008 ARRL DX SSB & CW, 2007 Russian DX, 2007 CQ WPX SSB and CW contests, 2008 WAE CW, 2008 WPX SSB, 2007 November Sweepstakes and the 2007 and 2008 NA Sprints.

(Radio-sport.net has tried to be as accurate as possible. If you find a mistake, or that your score line is missing a contest result, please send us an email and we will be happy to check and correct the numbers.)

The qualifying rules allow you to submit your top eight scores from certain contests. No more than four may be from multi-operator efforts.

You will note that some scores in the spreadsheets have been colored in. All multi-ops are noted with a yellow background. Scores from a contest operation outside of your home WRTC region are colored in blue.

A score that was both outside your home region and from a multi-op has a purple color.

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