The ARRL SSB Contest – Why It Might Not Be Your Favorite

Originally published on the YCCC email reflector on March 6, 2013.  Thanks to Pete, W1RM for allowing us to republish it here.

Peter, W1RM recalls…

“Think back to when you first started in contesting.  ARRL DX was fun.  There
were plenty of stations you could work because you had a modest station.
You learned a lot and had fun doing it.  You may even remember the days when
ARRL DX was two weekends long and we had a 6-station per country quota!
Yeah, I remember that.  I also remember Friday night tuning across 40 CW and
hearing a G with a pileup of W’s, a DL with a similar pileup and W4KFC with
a pileup of EU.  Those were the days!

But you grew.  You expanded your station with bigger antennas and higher
ones, too.  Your rig is better and you are a better operator too.  Now you
would work more DX farther away and slowly contests like CQWW became more
fun and interesting because you could compete.

Every contest has its place and while for some, ARRL DX is tame and rather
boring with the lack of rarer DX, it very much has a solid place in the
contest scheme.”

Where do you think the ARRL DX contest fits in the grand scheme of the contest calendar?



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