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Openings on 10 Meters Mean More Multipliers and Strategy Choices in North American QSO Party CW

The story is a familiar one now for the January running of the North American QSO Party, as with plenty of active sunspots fueling the bands, contesters are expecting more action in ...

NAQP CW Kicks Off New Year’s Qualifying Events For 2014 World Radiosport Team Championship

Qualifying for the 2014 World Radiosport Team Championship gets off to a fast start in the New Year, as the CW leg of the North American QSO Party comes this weekend, launching a busy ...

NAQP Backs Off Rules Change Allowing Wide-Band Decoding For Single Ops In 2012 Contests

For the second time in a month, organizers of a ham radio contest have found themselves struggling to define operator assistance revolving around the CW Skimmer and other wide-band ...

NAQP Activity High, But Bands Still Sluggish; KL9A Bids For Repeat CW Win; NR5M Top M/2

Despite a flurry of sunspots so far in 2010, it was the same ole story for the North American QSO Party’s first contest of this year, as band openings were again limited on 10 ...

WRTC Qualifying Cranks Up For September; North America Starts Triple Double Feature

Contesters in North America not only can spar this coming weekend in the NA Sprint CW Contest, but they can also start a two weekend qualifying push for the 2010 World Radiosport Team ...

KM0T Guns for Five Straight as ARRL UHF, August NAQP CW Highlight W/VE Contest Weekend

While European operators will be focused the EU HF Championships this weekend, US and Canadians ops get to spread their contest focus between the ARRL UHF test and the North American ...

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