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NA Sprint Set For Tonight

The North American CW Sprint is set to run tonight at 0000z. Often billed as one of the most challenging and intense contests of the year – this event is truly a love it or hate ...

N5KO Takes HP NA Sprint CW Win; N9CK Wins 4th Straight LP, KA9FOX Grabs 3rd QRP In a Row

Another “Clash of the Titans” is in the books, as Trey Garlough N5KO chalked up his first Sprint victory in the recently run NA Sprint CW contest. For many operators who love the ...

W9RE Takes SSB Sprint HP Lead; N5DO LP #1; W6YI(N6MJ) Holds CW Sprint Top Spot

With propagation seemingly good one minute and sketchy the next, Sprint veteran Mike Wetzel W9RE has the early lead in the February 2008 NA Sprint SSB Contest. Third in the February ...

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