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Our listing of “Other Contests” is arbitrary and not complete. If you believe a “Other’ event, is a “Major” event – please contact us and let us know about our mistake.

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Contesters Seek the Double Sunspot Peak

Is the sun holding back on radio contesters around the globe? Could 2013-2014 be the true peak? These questions, near and dear to every radio sport fan, have NASA experts puzzled.     NASA ...

NA Sprint Set For Tonight

The North American CW Sprint is set to run tonight at 0000z. Often billed as one of the most challenging and intense contests of the year – this event is truly a love it or hate ...

NAQP SSB – Next WRTC Event

NAQP SSB is slated for January 20, 2012. This a WRTC 2014 Qualifying event. For past coverage of the event, links and analysis visit the NAQP page.   Review last years NAQP January ...

Combine Your Contest Weekend Into a Search for Islands & U.S. Counties

You can give your radios and antennas a bit of a test drive this coming weekend with two different kind of contests, as the popular Islands on the Air test is the main worldwide feature, ...

Openings on 10 Meters Mean More Multipliers and Strategy Choices in North American QSO Party CW

The story is a familiar one now for the January running of the North American QSO Party, as with plenty of active sunspots fueling the bands, contesters are expecting more action in ...

One For the Record Book? Best Conditions In Maybe a Decade for ARRL 10 Meter Test

After years of 10 Meter contests where conditions sounded more like 6 meters, the 2011 version of the ARRL 10 Meter test could turn out to be a record breaking affair, as the sun continues ...

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