IARU HF Championship

The IARU HF Championship is the biggest contest of the summer.  Every four years this contest also runs concurrent with the WRTC championships.

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Europe Dominates 2012 IARU As Expected; Cheating Accusations by N6TR Dominate Post-Contest

The bands were alive for the 24 hours of the 2012 IARU HF Championship, as an active sun even brought 10 meters alive, though propagation was once more a bit spotty for ham radio contesters ...

IARU 2012 Arrives With Usual European Focus; Videos Show Proof of Popularity

One debate that surfaces from time to time in contest circles is the need for a 24 hour class in major contests, as some argue that the 48 hour limit for single operators is too much. ...

Summertime Fun on the Contest Bands With the 2011 IARU; 24 Hours and Lots of Options

A year ago, noses were still a bit out of joint among some contesters in the wake of questions raised about the HQ competition in the 2009 IARU Contest. Now that seems to be in the ...

24 Hours of Mixed Mode Fun As IARU HF Returns; HQ Category Still Active Despite ARRL Decision

After months of controversy about the judging of the 2009 IARU HF Championships, the time for argument is over, and the time for switching on the radio and contesting is here on the ...

Friedrichshafen Meeting Produces Plan For Judging HQ Logs In 2010 IARU, Possible Rule Changes

A group of European ham radio associations have agreed to take on the job of adjudicating HQ category entries for the 2010 IARU HF Contest, moving to fill the void left after the ARRL ...

Contesters Blast ARRL; IARU Officials Want No Public Debate On HQ Station Rules Changes

With contesters expressing frustration and anger at the ARRL decision to end awards for the HQ category in the IARU HF Contest, a group of IARU Region 1 officials have started private ...

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