CQ WW SSB 2011 Results Feature Five “Withdrawn” Logs as SO2R Gets Close Log Check Attention

The CQ WW DX Contest Committee crackdown on rules violators has snared several top operators, as five amateurs withdrew their entries after being asked about possible rules violations in the 2011 CQ WW SSB contest, including the defending SSB Assisted champ.

“The following stations withdrew their logs after they were contacted by the CQWWCC for violation of rule III.A,” read the small type at the end of the CQ WW 2011 SSB results, which were just put on line.

That 2011 rule says that for “all single operator categories, all band or single band, only one signal is allowed at any time,” said the CQ Magazine description.

The new rules for CQ WW allow a competitor to simply withdraw an entry, allowing them to avoid being officially sanctioned or disqualified for rules violations.

The five logs that were “withdrawn” for CQ WW SSB 2011 were:

* ER4DX – operated by Serge Rebrov UT5UDX; he was the defending 2010 Assisted champ and had claimed the 3rd highest score in 2011

* LZ8E – operated by Boyan Petkov LZ2BE; he had the 6th highest claimed score in Single Op Low Power worldwide

* US1I – Roman Solop had the #2 world claimed score in 20 meter High Power

* RC9O – Anatoly Polevik had the #17 world claimed score in Single Op High Power

* RG3K – Igor Burykh had the #49 world claimed score in Single Op High Power

Instead of a DQ or other penalty, the rules of CQ WW allow for someone to withdraw a log, as the five operators above did for CQ WW SSB 2011:


An entrant is free to withdraw his/her submitted log for any reason prior to receiving an official letter from the CQ WW Contest Committee. The log will then be handled per the entrant’s request. If after receiving an official letter from the CQ WW Contest Committee, an entrant chooses to withdraw their log, the entrant’s call will be listed at end of the results showing their log as having been withdrawn.

The CQ WW Contest Committee did not issue any Red or Yellow cards for the 2011 SSB test.

In 2010, no logs were announced as “withdrawn” – but the CQ WW Contest Committee did issue 3 Red Cards and 2 Yellow Cards for rules violations.

SO2R Gets Fine Tooth Comb Review

As for this year’s post-contest log checks, the CQ Magazine write up on CQ WW SSB 2011 says special attention was paid to SO2R entries, checking for multiple signals by single operators.

“It was discovered that several top scores did not have adequate protection against two signals at the same time,” read the writeup by Contest Director Bob Cox K3EST.

“A single operator entrant can have only ONE signal on the air at ANY time. With the use of SDRs, the CQ WW CC can listen to the whole contest all the time,” the writeup stated.

“The presence of two signals simultaneously on the air on the same band by any entrant, or two simultaneous signals on separate bands by any single operator category is now detectable.”

You can see the results of the 2011 CQ WW SSB contest on the web site of CQ Magazine.

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